Monday, January 8, 2007

Brilliant splendid Comet McNaught 1/8 and1/9 after sunset

Doug Zubenel and I saw the comet again on the 8th in Shawnee Mission, KS ( West of Kansas City) USA. Seemed even brighter with the gold-white coma, the fan light -yellow tail then night before. It seemed brighter tonight with the filmy hood around the coma more distinct. I took this shot with my digital kodak 290, 2 sec at 100 asa looking through Doug's 6 inch telescope as the comet was going toward the trees. (The red dot is a tower light in the trees and Upside down because of telescope)

Another highlight was the spectacular look through binoculars on the 9th. Tonight the coma was brighter, tail was longer stretching at least 1 degree or more angling to Northwest.
What a splendid sight!! Here is a photo I took that wasn't a close up but the horizon is pretty and you can see the tail right of the airplane graphic I inserted.

You have until the 12th to catch .
Then it will be too close to the Sun.
Take some binoculars look at the sky charts at Sky and Telescope or Spaceweather or Astronomy.
Don't miss one of the brightest and nicest comets seen in the last 20-30 years!! Once you have an idea where it is in the West it is easier to catch.
? let me know

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