Sunday, January 7, 2007

surprisingly bright Comet McNaught appears in evening and morning!

The surprisingly bright Comet McNaught appears in evening as well as morning! It is bright but so close to the Sun it is difficult to see.

YES . It appears near the Sun and can be seen either in morning or after sunset as I have now seen and heard.
After sunset it is in between Venus and 1st magnitude Altair (in Aquila higher in the sky more the WEST)
I am still examining the pics I took. I looked in Olathe to the East and think I caught it but I don't have good binoculars.

More pics and detail at
photo gallery of other pics

another nice pic at
omet McNaught Heads for the Sun
Credit & Copyright: Michael Jager and Gerald Rhemann

There is not much time as it is getting closer to the Sun and by next week will only be visible with the orbiting scopes. Who knows if it will survive entry near the Sun. But by then only Southern observers will be able to see it . So catch it while you can before close approach to Sun on 13th.

Good luck

Dr. Eric Flescher (, Olathe, KS

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