Saturday, January 13, 2007

I videotaped Comet McNaught

It has been very exciting seeing this great surprise visitor Comet McNaught during these last 4 days. The bright light gold coma (brighter then magnitude -1) and the feathery tail extending for more then a degree made a superb sight in binoculars after sunset. However on 1/11/2006 I captured several videotaped minutes of the comet as it peaked in an out of the clouds near the horizon. This was the first of 40 comets that I have experienced, that I was able to videotape!
Sat 1/13/2007, I will post more of my pictures , videoclips and websites with photographs taken of the comet by others as well as links to see the comet as it heads around the Sun for the next couple of days.

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