Saturday, April 7, 2007

Tvashtar volcano on Jupiter's moon Io

4/7/2007 (if not this date for spaceweather use the archives to search for more information related to this photo
Students will
(E.O.A.S.1) Will compare Tvarish to other volcanoes on earth like Vesuvius in Italy.
(E.O.A.S.2) Will discover which 3 other planets, besides Earth, have active volcanoes on them.
(E.O.A.S.3) Compare and contrast Earth volcanoes , the Tvarish volcano and other solar system volcanoes as to their production of material and additional information.

The New Horizon spacecraft, heading out towards Pluto, snapped a photo of the Tvashtar volcano giving us a show that we normally can't see even with the Hubble or Earth telescopes.
The bluish plume that looks like a dome, is the ejected materials that spews out into space and then drifts back to the landscape of Io which many say looks like a " field of pizza."

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