Saturday, April 7, 2007

Comet Lovejoy photo


I photographed the latest comet Comet Lovejoy.

(near middle of picture hazy star)

Students will
(E.O.A.S.1) Compare and contrast this comet ( tail shape, size, distinct nature etc) to the pictures of magnificent Comet McNaught , which we could see in the Northern skies only for a few days in January 2007 before it displayed its huge tail in the Southern Hemisphere.

(E.O.A.S.2) This comet will only reach magnitude 7 (but comets can change, as they are like cats - they are unpredictable, someone said). Compare to the other parts of the magnitude scale and compare it to McNaught, aided eye, Venus and others.

This comet is famous for the fact that it is the FIRST comet to be captured with a digital camera -a canon XT, just like the one I have . I was not in the right place at the right time because the discoverer is in the Southern Hemisphere.

I thought we could not see the comet in the Northern Hemisphere until around 4/15 but I captured it (Black and white here) last night (60 seconds). It has a greenish tint and I am working on a color image and will try to show it soon. It seems to have a slight fan tail shape and the coma (head is distinct ) as you can see. It is about 8th magnitude which as many people know unobservable to the naked eye. We won't be able to see it without a small telescope or binoculars with its closest approach in about a week.


time taken 4:57 MT 4/07/2007

exposure:60 seconds

Right Ascension: 20h 4.8m
Declination: -30 degrees 55 minutes

More soon

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