Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Unusual early tornadoes slams New Mexicus see video

I am a stormchaser. I have videotapes 4 tornadoes since 2001and hope to see some this year. Read the latest news of this early tornado. Then find the following information

Students will
(1) Find information about the new and old tornado Fujita scale. Compare the ratings. See if you can estimate what you think the severity of this Clovis storms was by comparing the rating levels.
(2) Follow up : find the Safir Hurricane scale and compare the damage and speeds of the hurricane levels to the tornado scale.
(3) What is the Richter scale? How does this rating help understand earthquakes?
(4) What is the Mohr scale and how does the scale help understand rocks and minerals?

Tornadoes Slam Buildings in Southwest
New Mexico Towns Begin Clean-Up After Twisters

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (March 24) - When she awoke Saturday, Andrea McLaren found that a stretch of the eastern New Mexico city she calls home had been obliterated by a tornado that flattened houses, snapped telephone poles and even heaved a trailer through a bowling alley
shows twisters in Clovis, New Mexico, part of a storm that damaged homes and other buildings.


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