Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tornado outbreak March 28, 2007 reports/photos and more

E.O.A.S. objectives
(E.O.A.S.1)Can you explain why the storms reports are more or less in a straight line path?
(E.O.A.S.2) Can you explain why many hail reports are next to many of the tornado reports? Does the video on birth of a tornado help in this analysis?
(E.O.A.S.3) -What can you learn from the video report by listening and viewing the video?

Some of these tornadoes were during the day while some -tornadoes came during night fall. Stormchasing at night is even more difficult. I once was chasing at night south of Kansas City. I spied what I thought was a wallcloud and it looked like it might drop a tornado. I asked the trooper about it and he said "no it's nothing." Later the storm put a small tornado down just across the Kansas line in Missouri. So I think I knew better but may have not caught it anyway. Here is the latest outbreak with more information, see below.
This photo is a N OAA pic of the reports that I found at this website on MSN .
This link has a nice photo of two tornado funnels on the ground.
A man watches as a tornado crosses the highway east of the Northern Natural Gas Plant in Beaver County, Okla., on Wednesday.
On the same site there is a link window to NBC video March 29: Storm chasers talk with TODAY anchor Matt Lauer about a Texas tornado they recorded.
Also nice interaction video of the birth of a tornado which you can view at the same website above.
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