Friday, October 9, 2009

Are Hummingbirds Still Present?

Last couple of years I have seen hummies starting 8/22 for a month but not this year. Here is info about reports and more FYI.

NOW Where Are Hummingbirds Still Present? Please Let Us Know!
The coldest air of the season is moving across the continent now. Most hummingbirds have already abandoned the northern states and the Canadian provinces, but some scattered sightings are still being made. When did you see your last hummingbird of the season? Are hummingbirds still present where you live?

Please Report Your Hummingbird Observations:
1) PLEASE REPORT NOW if you are still seeing hummingbirds.
2) Please submit a FINAL REPORT for the date you last saw a hummingbird. CAREFUL! Do not use today's date. Our goal is to show when and where hummingbirds are present. Therefore, date your final report for the last date a hummingbird was present. DON'T WORRY: If you should report a "final" hummingbird, and then see one again, simply report again. Your final report will appear on the map.

You Can Report Your Sightings Here:

Migration Map: (Showing fewer and fewer hummingbirds!)

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