Friday, December 12, 2008

try to look for bright Geminid meteors starting tonight until this weekend

Yes that moon is bright over in the West near sunrise. It is located near the radiant (Gemini) before sunrise washing out everything in the sky particularly in the West but....

I stepped outside 6:10 Central am to get the newspaper. Well I happened to look up at the right time and saw a nice fat, yellow, zero magnitude Geminid flying across the Big Dipper.

Remember the brightest ones might be coming around 9 pm Earthgrazers so watch for them Dec 12- 14) Friday, Sat (Maxiumum) and Sunday night. These can appear all over the sky and are usually very long, very bright and can appear even in the areas that areas that are washed ouot by the moon. I am more interested in seeing the bright ones any way because those are the ones to remember this (and other showers ) yearly event.

Hope you see some. Please report any you see.

A spectacular (Perseid ) earthgrazer skimmed across the atmosphere near the Grand Tetons in August , 1972. Luckily it was caught on film.
Here is the link to see the video.
If you have not seen it before , the time has come

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