Friday, August 8, 2008

Perseid meteor shower Thursdau Night and gorgeous Aquamarine fireball

A fireball is a meteor brighter then Venus (magnitude -2).

A friend and I camped out next to Powell Observatory.

There was a lot of activity then a lull. I lost time as I was plotting but it was a good night. But it was nice to see some bright ones including , a spectacular one , under the clearest skies I have seen this summer.

Date: 8/7-8/2008
Location. Louisburg, KC (Powell Observatory grounds south of Kansas City)
Time: 10:18-12:18 Central
sky conditions: to 5.5 mag clear (come clouds or fog on the Northern horizon 2nd hour)
Bert and I camped out and saw some nice meteors.

The rundown of 9 that I am posting
1- white blue
1- aqua green blue

Mags ranged from -3 to 4

5- Sporadic
3- Perseid
1- Kappa Cygnids

Mag -3 (1) ; +1 (2) ; +2 (5) ; +4 (1)_

Comments: The "star " of the show was a -3 aquamarine Perseid heading Northwest to the horizon (8 degrees) with a pronounced brightening along its path with a little flash near the end and a train (tail).
Possibly an earthgrazer that maybe someone in Iowa or Nebraka saw? It made my night!
Also once again (as I posted a few days ago) some meteors (3) seemed to traveled outward away from Casseiopia.
Could these be omicron-DRAconids?
Unfortunetly Bert was situated in the line of sight of a tree where this fireball went behind so he did not catch it :(
It was a beaut!

There are reports of clouds and rain coming so I hope things are okay so we can see the shower this coming weekend and to the 11th.

Eric Flescher (, Olathe, KS:

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