Saturday, May 17, 2008

Barn and Mercury

In Overland Park, Kansas near Olathe KS USA on 151st Street there is this neat lone Barn structure in a huge pasture field once filled with grazing cows. Now this field is giving way to houses, streets and more. I don't know how long this Barn will be around so I wanted to take a photo of it in an astronomical setting before it was demolished. I caught it as Mercury (right above it was sinking in the sky).First time I have photographed Mercury since I first saw it in 1963 in Providence RI one night.I hope to have more photos with the barn but at least I have Mercury with it. Mercury is mercurial and I hope not but I am afraid this barn will be gone soon from sight soon.Taken with Canon Revel EOS , 50 mm lens 6.3 f, 10 seconds.

Dr. Eric Flescher (, Olathe, KS

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