Monday, March 31, 2008

Could Saturn's moon Enceladus have oceans and life under its ice?

Creatures called extremophiles, live in very inhospitable places in the oceans near volcanic vents, in subfreezing climes and other places, have given us new insights about life. While the verdict is still out whether there was life on Mars in the past or present, scientists are looking elsewhere. One possible place is under the icy ridges of the Jupiter's moon Europa. But now Saturn's tiny moon Enceladus is showing interest.
Since a craft made it through the smog layed of Saturn's giant Moon Titan, new missions may hold more proof of what may be there. New evidence is finding that there may be liquid water seas maybe even containing containing organic molecules or life may once be discovered under Enceladus and Europa. Robotic crafts may someday drill and dive into these possible cap/ oceans to see what's done there.4/1 (if not date use archives)

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