Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Deep Impact probe 3 flybys

The Deep Impact probe made the first of three flybys designed to use the planet's gravity to hurtle the spacecraft toward comet Hartley 2 for a 2010 meeting.

NASA initially wanted Deep Impact's second act to be an exploration of comet 85P/Boethin in 2008. But to scientists' surprise, a bevy of ground and space telescopes were unable to spot it this fall. Astronomers believe the comet may have shattered into specks too small to be seen from Earth.



(E.O.A.S.blog1) http://eoas-dreric1kansas.blogspot.com/
(1) Students will learn how spacecraft use gravity assist to fly to other celestial objects and the reason for doing that
(2) Students will learn about the Deep Impact program and the recent hit with comet Tempel

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