Saturday, November 10, 2007

It has been about 2 weeks when the comet Holmes erupted.

It has been about 2 weeks when the comet Holmes erupted. Finally I have some pics of several to post. Taken on 11/04/07 are 5 of my pictures taken in collage style of the surprising comet Holmes.
all 8 seconds long exp.
Top left with red filter
Top- right with green filter
Bottom- left with blue filter
Bottom- right with infra red filter
center - clear filter

Holmes amazing its tranformation and links to pics and more

First it was amazing what this comet did by exploding and zooming from 17 to magnitude 2.5 in a very short time (1 million times in brightness increase it was said).

Second it is amazing that this comet show has lasted so long as I thought it would fade away quite rapidly and not put on such a show for this length of time.
It has been a lot of fun to watch, observe and photograph.

There was another article in the Kansas City star recently from another AP press article entitled " Comet Explodes , interest booms," from a Knoxville, TN source and photo. So it is really good that our newspaper and now other are posting and telling people about this comet. I can't say the same for the inability of the press to post information about the Great Comet McNaught in January before it went too close to the sun and went below the equator.( We only had four good days after sunset to look and the comet though bright was more difficult to see as it was low on the horizon but still....)

The beautiful photo of Holmes and its fan tail
another beautiful photo in Apod of Comet Holmes with the tail at
I received more information about its creation from the author (see the following below- with other links below that)

thank you very much for all of your compliments and congratulations!
I got to much mails, contacting each of you.

The photo of comet Holmes is an average of 42 single shots (each 1 min) taken with an ccd camera ST 2000XM. For processing I used CCD-Soft, RegiStax and Photoshop (for individual masks)
Optic: 600mm f/6

Best regards
Sebastian Voltmer


Meanwhile comet expansion animation at

Holmes shell expansion

Golden color photo

first good look and report
Nov 10 (if not seen that day look in archives)
also more
(1) another nice photo of the tail of Holmes splitting off,
(2) good information about a theory about what made the brightness eruptions and

and this very cool
(3) if you have 3 D red and blue glasses
a 3d photo of the comet


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