Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Catch Comet Holmes, other comets get an award and cool pin

Happy Thanksgiving day. Do you like astronomy? Are you interesting in observing and getting awards for your interesting endeavors? Contact you local astronomy club or the Astronomical League (
or me .
Those trying for comet silver and gold awards, amateur astronomers and other sky observers (see link below) can contact me for more information as I am the coordinator.
There are also many awards you can go dealing with meteors, constellations, telescope use and more.


What to do? observe / sketch or photograph 12 comets (see more below)
what do you get? a cool Comet Plaque (suitable for framing) and our cool comet obs award pic

I also have a (free) comet newsletter to find out more information.

Comet Holmes has lessened in brightness but still great in scopes and binocs. It is still quite large around the diameter of moon angular wise. I think it is around 5 mag or so. At the side is one of the best photos I took of Comet McNaught in January. We had just 4 days to view this splendid sight. (in the middle above the reddish hued sky on the bottom.)
My pics and more coming soon.

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