Saturday, October 13, 2007

new comet LONEOS is getting brighter but still difficult to see

This new comet is getting brighter but still difficult to see as it is so close to the horizon (I have not seen it yet but when I do I will post a pic)

Meanwhile here nice animation of the current 8th magnitude COMET LONEOS
10/13/2007 (if not this date go to archives)
COMET LONEOS: Comet LONEOS (C/2007 F1) is plunging toward the sun and solar heating is doing its work: pieces of the 8th-magnitude comet are boiling off. "We were surprised to see blobs moving in the tail," report Filipe Alves, Jan Lameer and Jose Ribeiro at the AstroQueyras Observatory in the French Alps. This 24-minute time-lapse movie shows the view through the observatory's 30-inch telescope on Oct. 12th:

Comet LONEOS makes its closest approach to the sun--just outside the orbit of Mercury--on Oct. 29th. At that time it may become faintly visible to the unaided eye, a 4th magnitude fuzzball with an increasingly active tail. Amateur astronomers, ready your telescopes! [sky map] [ephemeris] [3D orbit]

AL Gold comet award winner also writes
More: "This comet is so close to the horizon, it is almost too low for my equipment," says astrophotographer Mike Holloway of Van Buren, Arkansas. "How low? I ask my neighbor across the field to keep his cows penned up so they don't block the view. Well maybe not quite that bad! I did manage to capture this image on Oct. 11th using a 5-inch refracting telescope."

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