Saturday, August 11, 2007

Perseid meteor observations near Kansas City

I started observing the Perseids 11:57pm after arriving at Powell Observatory, Louisbourg (20 minutes south of Kansas City) around 11:30.

Sky a little hazy, nice Milky Way and at least 6th magnitude.
Can't ask for a better observing night warm. Started out humid but when the humidity and temperature dropped a bit, it was even more comfortable, downright a great way to observe the Perseids laying on my lawnchair.

No moon helped.

This was the nicest year of Perseids for last 3-4 years (last years I have felt the shower has been on the putrid side).
Two days before maximum, I saw 10 Perseids, 8 sporadics (2 possible Kappa Cygnids).
No fireballs but there were two -1 magnitudes.
12 of them were 2nd magnitude or better.
6 were under 3rd magnitude.
11 were white and 6 yellow. 1 was white-blue.
One had a train (trail).

So things look good for good Perseid shower Sat and Sunday night and mornings.

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