Monday, July 16, 2007

Eclipse path total, hybrids and annular on Google Earth

I found this message on the starry night listserve that I get.
It is a question about using Starry Night software to find eclipse paths.
Here is some additional information I would like to convey.


Solar Eclipses

(1) The
Google Earth (available for MacOS X, Windows and Linux) files, draws the solar eclipses paths across Earth’s surface (calculations by Fred Espenak, NASA/GSFC).
The northern and southern limits of a solar eclipse path are plotted in pink while the central line is blue.

(2) ( info at )
Google Earth 4 User Guide.

Xavier M. Jubier's information says
The "dynamic local circumstances predictions at the click’s location", a feature available with my
interactive Google maps, can’t be implemented as is because the Google Earth client application provides no means of getting the current pointer position.

By clicking on the framed cross-hair cursor always located at the center of the view, you will obtain the local circumstances at that location (have a look at this
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(4) The Five Millennium Canon of Solar Eclipses Database will give you access to every eclipses over the -1999 to +3000 period.

(5) When a link is followed by symbol (earth like globe with swirls) , it means you have
two different files.

(6) The first one is a plain Google Earth file

(7) the symbol, being the second one, is a self-contained Google Earth file with new high resolution satellite image overlays.

You can then overlay meteorological data files with the eclipse path as well as maps of
* meteor crater from all over the world
* volcanoes
* more

Students will
(E.O.A.S.1) Decipher the differences among total, partial, annual eclipses (use the internet)
(E.O.A.S.2) Look at the upcoming eclipse in August 2008. Where does the path travel?
(E.O.A.S.3) Use the Black Sun website to discover 10 interesting facts, pieces of information about eclipses, total eclipses, differences compared to lunar eclipses, total/ hybridss/ annular/partial solar eclipses
(E.O.A.S.4) Watch what happens during a total solar eclipse using You Tube. Write a poem, jingle, draw a picture , do creative writing piece or combination (if you have a good one send to the author of this website and he will post (send your first name and last initial ). The information will not be used in other way , shape or form.

? let me know

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1a. Re: Solar Eclipse Finder?
Posted by: "rylven"
Date: Sun Jul 15, 2007 4:30 am ((PDT))
> Starry Night doesn't show the path of totality, but the shadow of the
> Moon can be seen and followed across the surface of the Earth during
> solar eclipses. Be sure to turn on the shadows under Options:Solar
> System:Planets/Moons:Eclipses.
> Geoff Gaherty
> Starry Night Software Support

Thanks Geoff!

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