Monday, May 28, 2007

Monster tornado 'flat out leveled the town'

Google comes out with some before and after satellite pictures (need Google Earth - free download- )

In USAtoday 5/7/2007 on page 5A
"Monster tornado 'flat out leveled the town'
by Emily Bazar
(you might be able to see it on line and the damage pics)

there is a map of the counties which affected NM, OK, KS, NE, SD, CO nad TX Sat and Sunday.

also a life long resident echoes probably what a lot of people think in tornado alley

Wittig said she never expected a tornado to hit her home , even though she lives in a twister hotspot.

"The sirens have gone off before many a time, but the tornado would go over or around the town" she says. " That's why so many people got hurt . That's why so many people stayed home. Nobody thought it was going to hit."

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