Wednesday, March 21, 2007

the green flash is an interesting site.
It has a lot of pictures and informatio which you can see everyday.
There are archives of the recent Comet McNaught photos (although I don't understand why some of the pictures get chosen), weather and much more.

Sometimes there are weather related phenomenon like the
green flash
which I have never been able to catch.

anyone ever seen a green flash? I tried in South Africa and other places.
look around and then find the archives
look for the following date below to see this information (then after look around for dates and photos and more in the past)

spaceweather 2/23/2007
TRIPLE GREEN FLASH: "It was the biggest green flash I've ever seen," says Mila Zinkova of San Francisco who took this picture of the setting sun on Dec. 29Make that three green flashes: "I think we have here three separate flashes that happened to be visible together," says green flash specialist Andy Young. Ordinary green flashes rely on a mirage to magnify tiny differences in the atmospheric refraction of red and green light. In this case, temperature gradients above the water produced a complex mirage and, not one, but three flashes. "Very interesting!"

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