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Meteors Fire in the Sky :History Channel: 2/18/2007

Meteors Fire in the Sky :History Channel: 2/18/2007

If you collect Meteorites, watch meteor showers or wonder about comets and asteroids hitting the earth you need to watch on the History channel. Again it was on last night (my wife told me it was coming later that night ) but this time I saw it was not posted in the paper. So I waited . Once again I watched the whole thing and took notes this time and videotaping
*Asteroid impact killing dinosaur debate
* Bob Haag the Meteorite Guy
* The info about the so called meteorite object in Mecca that Moslems revere (interesting the video showed the metal enclosure but not the meteorite object that the Moslems can peer into and touch. It is said to be an object from the days of the first man Adam and was once white but since has darkened to black with all the sins and touchings by Moslems)
* First known witnessed fall and recovery of meteorite in Eisensheim in France in 1492 (yes the date Columbus went to America). Fireball seen by 12 year old and recovered after it hit in field.
* Cape York huge meteorite transported from Greenland (340 tons) most of which is still at the Hayden Planetarium in NYC
* Notes on Tunguska 1908
* Meteor crater in AZ (the impact turned the iron into iron gas that made the crater(
* The astronomical impact of planetary scientist Shoemaker on defining AZ crater as an impact crater, laying the foundation of other impact craters while searching in Germany for an impact that took place 15 million years ago
* finding the impact deposit of Iridium from Asteroid impact, significance and the Yucatan smoking gun crater where the asteroid hit that caused the demise of the dinosaurs
* Asteroid Eros photos, touchdown

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