Saturday, February 3, 2007

The brightest comet that nobody (hardly anyone) saw

It was difficult to get out the word to local newspapers, TVstations, USAtoday.I tried .
Yes the comet caught us all by surprise. There was not much time for many of us to view it before the comet got close to the Sun and could only be seen in the daytime(!) or then the Southern Hemisphere .
But those who saw it here in Northern Hemisphere it was a nice show although not as splendid as those in the south. But as they say beggars can be choosers.
More here at this linked article below and earlier in January on my blog

The brightest comet that nobody saw
The Republican - Springfield,MA,USA
Among the least predictable of celestial occurrences are comets. Last month, a comet did something truly remarkable: It went from being virtually unknown, ...

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