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Frostquake, meteor or what was the noise in Ohio? 2/15/2007

This is an interesting report of a loud noise 2/15/2007
Frostquake, meteor or what was the noise in Ohio?
Here is additional information for this enigma mystery.

Thursday, February 15, 2007
UPDATE: Last night's 'big bang' might be a meteor
Mike Hansen, director of the Ohio Seismic Network, said there’s no evidence to suggest an earthquake could have caused the bang, especially not over the range specified. NBC-4 has fielded calls from Fairfield, Muskingum and Pickaway counties, and the National Weather Service heard similar tales from Cincinnati, Wilmington and Lebanon. CASSIOPEDIA History Channel Daily Bleed IMDB NY Times How To

“The type of waves that I see is not earthquake-type stuff. What bothers me is we don’t see it anywhere else,” Hansen said. “Right now this is mysterious to me.”

The National Weather Service’s station in Wilmington is equally lost, especially after hearing calls from the Cincinnati area. The only common factor is that each area was affected by Tuesday’s ice storm.

“It definitely wasn’t thunder,” a meteorologist there said. “We’re kind of stumped on that ourselves.”

Readers of reported similar stories — a bang loud enough to shake houses, but with nothing apparently wrong afterward.

“We live in Indian Hills (west of Granville off Ohio 16) and the explosion at approximately 9 p.m. was so loud it shook our house!” one reader wrote. “We thought a sheet of ice came off of our roof onto the deck or our roof had collapsed, but after further investigation we could find nothing amiss.”

Not everyone agreed that it’s a meteor, however. NBC4 meteorologist Jym Ganahl said every contact he’s heard about the bang was writing from an area that got some layer of ice earlier this week.

“I’m 100 percent certain that it’s ice,” he said. “It’s only the areas that had a lot of ice. None have been from areas with just snow.”

Hansen did offer one idea, but not one that would explain the noise over such a large area.

He described a phenomenon called a “frostquake,” in which water seeping into the ground and freezing can cause the earth to break up and create localized bangs.

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