Sunday, January 28, 2007

See my latest photos of the bright comet McNaught

I have been looking into my latest photos of the bright comet a couple of weeks ago. Taken 1/10/07 near Kansas City, KS.
Here is one of the more photogenic ones.
The comet is between the bright red cloud bank near the horizon and the other darker one on top. Comet with tail is in middle of the photos.
At that time it was probably -1 magnitude about 1/3 the brightness of Venus, the bright "star" you see in the West after sunset.
I was so excited I forgot to zoom in closer.
Also it did not help that my better digital camera conked out in December so I used my kodak digital one instead. (it is not bad after all I did shoot a picture of the eclipse of 2001 that got into Astronomy magazine).
Now I have to work on the video I took of the comet which was not bad either .
Let me know what you think.

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H. Redmond said...

Wow! Fantastic shot, Dr. Eric! I enlarged it to full-screen size, and was able to better appreciate the surrounding colors. Thank you for continuing to share your work. It is most fascinating!
-H. Redmond, K.C., KS